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The Fowler Theatre is a non-profit, historically renovated, landmark theatre on the National Register of Historic Places and the winner of the 2016 Cook Cup Award for Outstanding Historic Renovation. We are located in the small town of Fowler in Benton County, Indiana.

Our goal is to keep ticket prices and concessions affordable for our rural, economically challenged community. We do this by operating the theatre with a grant funded, part-time manager and a team of volunteers who work the theatre showing movies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. We strive to bring a variety of arts entertainment to our community including improv shows, comedy shows, magic shows, concerts, local high school band performances, storytellers, and even paranormal investigations as it’s rumored the theatre is haunted!

We always accept donations, and we appreciate your help in maintaining all the hard work that is being done at the theatre.



We would like to thank our Sponsors and their continued support of The Fowler Theatre:

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