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The Fowler Theatre, a non profit, volunteer run venue relies heavily on donations of time, talent and treasure. The time and talent portion helps to keeps operational costs down, but unfortunately that isn’t enough. Because we have the same operational needs as a privately owned business, we rely on revenue and donations. All of the above combined is still not always enough to address the day to day needs to run the theatre so we offer our patrons various ways to donate toward the success and longevity of the theatre. We offer several ways to give donations either to our general fund or toward special projects. The following are ways to give:

  • Donations can be dropped off at the theater during our open hours and if those are not convenient, you can call 765-884-8191 to make arrangements.

  • Another way to donate is via the US Mail service by emailing to:
    The Fowler Theatre
    111 E 5th St
    PO Box 125
    Fowler, IN 47944

  • Although we prefer direct donations to avoid online processing fees, we understand those aren’t always the preferred options. For that reason, we offer online services.

  • For general donations, use the PayPal button.

If you have any questions call or email Jill Byrd at 765 884 8191 or

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