The Prairie Preservation Guild.

The Fowler Theatre was purchased by the Prairie Preservation Guild for $30,000.00. Funding was obtained from the Indiana Historic Landmarks Foundation in the form of a $2,000.00 grant and a $60,000.00 line of credit to purchase and stabilize the building as the structure was deemed to be an excellent example of art moderne architecture worthy of being preserved. The group was to use the money to clean up the building and repair the roof. A local bank also has offered to help with financing.

Once the building was rescued, the daunting task of cleaning, repairing, and reopening the theatre was begun by some very hard-working and dedicated volunteers. Members of the Prairie Preservation Guild dug in and started cleaning, painting, upgrading the electrical wiring, servicing the heating and cooling systems, and performing repairs in the projection room. An environmental remediation firm was hired to remove the black mold that had been growing unchecked on the theatre walls and ceiling due to the water damage that had occurred over the years. This mold was a health risk and was the primary reason that local residents seldom entered the theatre in recent years. The concession area and rest rooms were sanitized and updated with new appliances to meet Board of Health requirements. New carpet was installed in the lobby and auditorium.