The Fowler Theatre wants YOU to volunteer with us! The continued operation of the theatre is dependent on volunteers. If you attend a Friday, Saturday or Sunday movie, EVERYONE you interact with from the ticket sales person, the cashiers to the popcorn master is a volunteer.

We are looking for teams–a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 people–who can run the theatre during our Friday/Saturday/Sunday evening movies. The teams can be families, businesses, school clubs, and more. You will get expert training from board members and other veteran teams who have been with us for years.

So, what is in it for you? First, the satisfaction you are a key part of providing a local movie theater experience for young and old alike. The Fowler Theatre offers the best ticket and concession deals around and residents rely on us for quality, affordable entertainment. Because of you, we are able to keep our doors open and everyone can continue to enjoy the awesomeness of the theatre. In addition, you can put your volunteer experience on resumes and applications.

Second, the free perks! You get to see that night’s movie and enjoy a kid’s combo–which consists of a small popcorn, small drink and $1 candy–for FREE! You will end up with some clean up responsibilities, but knowing that you are making a difference in your community makes it well worth it.

If you are interested (you are, you totally are) please call the theatre at 765-884-8191 or email We are waiting for you to join us!